ITIWIT by Decathlon

About the brand

“ITIWIT” is the contraction of “ITInerire” and “InuIT” inhabitants of the Arctic and Greenland, inventors of the kayak thousands of years ago! The first ITIWIT products arrived in Decathlon stores in March 2017. The name ITIWIT is the name of the 1st TRIBORD inflatable kayak marketed in 2014. ITIWIT’s desire is to democratize stand up paddle and kayak through compactness. Installed in Hendaye in the Decathlon Watersports Center, the Itiwit teams of enthusiasts design stand-up paddle and kayak equipment and equipment “feet in the water” as close as possible to users to allow them to live unforgettable experiences on the water. All Itiwit products are exclusively available in Decathlon stores around the world and on

Our Research and Development teams and services are based in Hendaye, in the Basque Country, as close as possible to the ocean in the premises of the old auction in the port of Hendaye.

It is “feet in the water” in the largest open space in the world that our teams of engineers, product managers and designers conceive and test the products of tomorrow, as close as possible to users and their needs.


Itiwit Boards