Terms & conditions

Terms of use:

Contractual relationship:

  • We do not re-sell or provide any activity on our behalf, when you book an activity, you contract directly with the service provider or a third-party intermediary, as specified in the booking process.
  • We act only as a platform and we are not involved in the conditions of third parties. We are not responsible for your reservation (to the extent permitted by law) we have no liability to you in relation to the reservation.

What will we do:

  • We offer a platform where service providers can promote and sell SUP Yoga experiences, activities and you can search, buy and book.
  • Once you have booked the activity, we provide you and the service provider with the booking details; If the provider needs any information about you, we will let you know at the time of booking.
  • The reservation conditions specify that we as a reservation platform do not make any changes, cancellations or modifications to reservations, you must manage it with your activity provider.
    • The activity provider can cancel the activity due to unfavorable weather conditions to carry out the activity, but they must notify the end user in time and the same provider will take care of offering the class another day or the solution they find most convenient. In no case will SUP YOGA WORLD be responsible for cancellations or financial returns.

What should you do:

  • You must fill in all the data correctly so that we or the service provider can provide you with the information about the reservation and, if necessary, contact you.
  • You must read and accept to comply with our conditions and the conditions of third parties (which will be displayed during the payment process) and accept that their breach may add additional charges or cancellation of the reservation.

Price and payment:

  • When you book an activity, we will take care of managing your payment. For more information about how payments work (including related rights and obligations), see the “payments” section.

Modifications, cancellations and refunds:

  • See the “Terms of Use” section above


  • The client:
    • The client will make the payment through the reservation platform with the PayPal application.
    • No refunds will be made in any case. Double check your order before finalizing.

  • The provider:
    • The school that offers the activity will receive the reservations through the reservation platform “SUP YOGA WORLD” with a 10% commission that will be applied at the time of sale.
      • To collect 90% of the sales, you can do so by requesting payment through your personal profile and the transfer of sales will be made through the Pay Pal application. That is why it is mandatory that all users who offer classes or products on our platform have a PayPal account.
    • If the school must cancel the class due to adverse weather conditions, the school must take care of the return or modification of the date of the class. In no case will the SUP YOGA WORLD platform be responsible for any modification of dates or refunds.



Through this website the user will be able to:

  • Register as a user of SUP Yoga World
  • Acquire products offered by suppliers through our platform
  • Access content offered for free
  • Subscribe to the newsletter

Through this website the provider will be able to:

  • Register as a provider of SUP Yoga World
  • Offer your products (classes, training, events)
  • Access content offered for free
  • Subscribe to the newsletter

Terms and Conditions:

When contracting with supyogaworld.com (hereinafter, platform or sup yoga world) it is essential that the provider (who offers its classes, training, events) and the user or buyer (who purchases these products) carefully read these terms and conditions of purchase offered at www.supyogaworld.com carefully.

supyogaworld.com reserves the right to modify or change the Terms and Conditions at any time. In the event of a substantial modification when required by current regulations, the providers and users who have a current relationship will be notified.

These Terms and Conditions apply to the purchase of products and services that supyogaworld.com offers through the website once the user has accepted and received a written receipt in their email.

1. About Supyogaworld.com:

When you reserve any product, www.supyogaworld.com is the provider and responsible for the platform, but not for the experience of the activity itself.

2. Our platform:

2.1. We take prudent precautions when offering our platform, but we cannot guarantee that all content is accurate (we obtain information from providers). To the extent permitted by law, we will not be responsible for any errors or missing information, although we will do our best to correct and remedy these as quickly as possible.
2.2. Our platform does not imply the recommendation or endorsement of any service provider.
2.3. We are not part of the agreement of conditions that you and the service provider subscribe to, and the latter is solely responsible for the experience of the activity.
2.4. You will need to create an account to make a reservation. Make sure all information (including contact and payment information) is correct and up-to-date, or you may not be able to access your activity experiences. You are solely responsible for everything that happens with your account, so you must prevent anyone else from using it and you must keep your username and password secret.
2.5. Unless otherwise stated, you must be at least 18 years of age to use the Platform.

3. Our values:

3.1. You agree to:

            • Stick to our values (fer link to values page)
            • Comply with all applicable laws
            • Cooperate in any anti-fraud control
            • Not use the platform to cause damage or make false reservations
            • Use the platform for its intended purpose
            • Not cause harm or damage and not behave inappropriately with the service provider’s staff or any person.

4. Prices:

4.1. When you make a reservation, you agree to pay the cost of the product purchased including any fees and taxes that may apply
4.2. The prices of the products appear in the currency that the provider has chosen, SUP Yoga World is not responsible for the currency that each provider has. Therefore the payments of the products will vary depending on the currency that each provider has chosen.
4.3. Suppliers can decide and make specific offers on their products if they wish, which is why they themselves establish the type of discount and the time it is available.

5. Payment:

5.1. Payments are always made by credit or debit card or Paypal account. The intermediary in this all cases will always be Pay Pal to guarantee a secure payment/collection and to be able to collect/pay with different currencies from around the world.
5.2. If you become aware of or suspect fraud or unauthorized use of your payment method, please contact your payment provider, who may cover the costs resulting from such fraud or misuse, possibly subject to a deductible.
5.3. Payment will be made in the currency chosen by the provider.
5.4. We store your payment method data for future transactions once you have given us your consent to do so.


6. Conditions:

6.1. When you make the reservation you are accepting the applicable conditions that are shown during the reservation process. You will find the cancellation conditions of the service providers, as well as any of the other conditions.
If you cancel a reservation or do not show up, you should contact the provider to find out what options they provide you. In no event is SUP Yoga World responsible for a cancellation or annulment.
6.3. Reservations for all activities provided by our providers must be paid in advance and each provider establishes its return/cancellation policy.
6.4. In no case is SUP Yoga World responsible for making or processing a complaint or return, it will always be the responsibility of the provider according to its cancellation/return policy

7. Intellectual Property Rights:

7.1. Unless otherwise stated, all rights to our Platform (technology, content, appearance, etc.) are owned by supyogaworld.com and by using our Platform you agree not to use it for your own use.
7.2. You may not copy/plagiarize/reproduce anything that is on our platform or media (web blog, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or all that apply) in a similar or the same way without the written permission of supyogaworld.com.

8. Limitations of Liability:

8.1. To the extent permitted by mandatory consumer law, we will only be liable for costs you incur as a direct result of our fault. Therefore, to the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for:

8.1.1. Inaccurate information about a service provider
8.1.2. Errors in an email, phone or credit card
8.1.3. Force majeure events beyond our control
8.1.4. Cancellations due to weather or other conditions.

8.2. All centers must have civil liability insurance or insurance for outdoor activities in a natural environment according to the legislation of their country to legally cover the activity offered and any inconvenience that may occur during the course of it.

Therefore, SUP Yoga World is exempt from any responsibility with any inconvenience that may arise. Only the provider is responsible for having the necessary legal terms to be able to carry out the activity without risk to their users and to themselves according to the law in force in their country.
For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these Terms shall grant any right to any third party other than a Service Provider with respect to anything.

9. Legislation and applicable law

Any claim/discrepancy that may occur in the application of the Legal Notice or Terms and Conditions, will be submitted exclusively to the jurisdiction of the competent courts of Spain.


Legal warning:

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