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We are SUP YOGA lovers who want to share, expand knowledge and offer tools for the growth of all the centers, being also a support for all.

We are SUP YOGA lovers who want to share, expand knowledge and offer tools for the growth of all the centers, being also a support for all.

We have a school of SUP YOGA in Barcelona for 5 years where we offer training, classes and workshops. We also do it in different parts of our country and all this has provided us with an experience that we want to share with the whole world.

About us SUPYoga

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About us SUPYoga

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We are a team of SUP Yoga professionals who will take care of the quality of our platform

About us SUPYoga

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We constantly work so that both centers and users are comfortable with the discipline



As the founders of CENTRE SUPYOGA CATALUNYA, a distinguished SUP Yoga school based in Barcelona, Spain, we identified a significant gap in the international recognition of this sport. Driven by our passion for both SUP Yoga and the natural world, we established SUPYOGAWORLD. Our platform serves as a hub for sharing experiences, fostering connections, and promoting the remarkable practice of SUP Yoga. We aim to empower individuals, professionals, and centers to elevate their practice safely while fostering a deep respect for the environment

supyoga world
About us SUPYoga

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Are you ready to join the wave? Become a member of SUPYOGAWORLD and immerse yourself in a community of individuals who share your passion. Through membership, you can connect with fellow enthusiasts, access valuable resources, and contribute to the growth of SUP Yoga worldwide.

SUPYOGAWORLD is more than a gathering of teachers and practitioners; it is a vibrant community united by a profound appreciation for the beauty of nature, the art of yoga, and the exhilaration of paddleboarding. Together, we strive to cultivate a community that recognizes the transformative and healing power of water and yoga, while maintaining a deep reverence for the medium that enables our practice.

We recognize the importance of community support, promotion, and environmental awareness. With your involvement, we aspire to bring SUP Yoga and an appreciation for our natural surroundings to as many people as possible. By fostering a community of like-minded individuals, we can share, support, and celebrate one another’s journey.

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