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    What can I find on the SUP Yoga World website?

    SUP Yoga World is the biggest directory of all SUP Yoga Centers Worldwide. Discover our categories to know more about what we offer:

    • About us: Know more about what is SUP Yoga World and our goals.
    • Centers: Here you will find all the centers that are registered on our website, you can search centers using different filters to find what you are looking for.
      Once you select a center click over it to discover more information. Inside of the page of every center you can see more pics, the schedules of the center, the contact form and much more...
    • Brands: On this page you will know the brands that are used from our centers and the different types of SUP boards used for SUP Yoga.
    • Stores: Here you will find the stores of the centers, you can buy all the products and services offered by the centers. You will find classes of SUP Yoga, SUP Yoga Teacher training and unique events offered from the centers.
    • SUP Yoga day: The SUP Yoga day is the biggest event of SUP Yoga that SUP Yoga World hosts every year and is celebrated around the world.
    • Blog: Here we share with you interesting knowledge about SUP Yoga.
    • Contact: Here you can find the frequent questions and if there is still something that you need support you can contact us.

    How to create a new account?

    Click on the top right: Sign in.
    * Register as a Center to create your profile and publish your center or classes. Find more about managing your profile as a center on this page link.
    * Register as a Practitioner if you want to buy classes, trainings or receive all the news about SUP Yoga World and be part of this community of SUP Yoga lovers. Find more about managing your profile as a practitioner on this page link.
    Once you have created your account you will receive an email with your username and password to Log in.

    How do I change my password?

    If you want to recover your password go to the login page, and click on Lost your password?.
    If you are already log in into your account you can do it inside of your profile by going to ‘My Profile’, you will find on the right side the option 'Change password'.