What SUPYoga World offers

SUPYoga World is created to connect centers and practitioners all over the world.

What SUPYOGA WORLD offers?

If you are a SUP Yoga center, offer classes of SUP Yoga or practice SUP Yoga, then SUP Yoga World has a lot to offer you.

SUPYoga World was created to connect centers and practitioners all over the world. We are the first and biggest community and directory of SUP Yoga centers worldwide since 2020.

What SUP Yoga World offers to SUP Yoga practitioners

We are the biggest directory of all SUP Yoga centers worldwide and we offer an easy way to find centers of SUP Yoga and classes of SUP Yoga for practitioners of SUP Yoga around the world.

By joining SUP Yoga World you can travel the world practicing SUP Yoga. You can search by country and environment to find new experiences in new places practicing SUP Yoga.

We also offer quality content to learn more about SUP Yoga, information about the brands of SUP Yoga boards and a store to buy experiences of SUP Yoga.

What SUP Yoga World offers to SUP Yoga centers

We have a lot to offer you. We know the work involved in creating and managing a website…

A lot of investment of work in time to create content, manage SEO positioning, optimize the page to reach the maximum number of users as possible, etc.
Economic investment at the beginning to create the design, domain, web hosting, etc. and then a fixed monthly cost to maintain the website (updates, plugins, etc.)

“This is why we have created this new version of the SUP Yoga World website:
to support you by offering easy, fast and economic management tools.”

Do you want to reach more people? Do you want to offer your users the ease of online booking and make it easier for yourself to manage your bookings by digitizing the entire process? SUP Yoga World makes it happen!

We offer for you and your center:

  • Website to offer and manage your bookings.
  • Free virtual space for your center.
  • Support to improve the image of your center.
  • A store to sell your training and products.
what sup yoga world offers

If you want to know more, register your center to get all the benefits of being a part of the biggest directory of all SUP Yoga Centers Worldwide and get all the benefits. 

Benefits of registering your center on our new website:

  • Reach more SUP Yoga practitioners
  • Easy and efficient management of your bookings.
  • Easy and secure payments.
  • More visibility of your center.
  • Offer all of your products in one place.
  • Join international events that we promote as the International SUP Yoga Day.

SUP Yoga World you will reach the whole world, at the same time, we make it easy for you and your future students and customers.

In this world in which the distances are getting shorter, SUP Yoga lovers travel all over the globe and want to be able to live a SUP Yoga experience wherever they go, with SUP Yoga World they will find you!

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