What is sup yoga world?

SUP Yoga World is your SUP Yoga community

SUP Yoga World is a community that seeks to unite and connect all the centers and practitioners of SUP Yoga around the world.

The idea was born from the personal need to make SUP Yoga more known and share and connect with people who practice it, regardless of whether you do so personally or professionally.

The world of Yoga has a big community with practitioners all over the globe who share and connect and we dreamed of also having that beautiful community in the world of SUP Yoga. We dreamed of something like SUP YOGA WORLD.

During the pandemic we had more time to invest in our dream and make it real, so we took action. And the response from SUP Yoga practitioners around the world was beautiful and motivating. Then we started working to offer a space where schools, practitioners and lovers could share, find and connect about SUP Yoga. 

“We work day by day to continue this dream that is now real and that continues to grow.”

This year, 2022, we have been working to improve our website, to offer better tools of management for the centers, and to create quality content and resources for the community.

SUP Yoga World is your community of SUP Yoga, where you can share, learn, and be connected to join forces and  promote this beautiful discipline. Together, we can make this discipline with so many mental and physical benefits that combine Yoga, Paddle Surf, and the connection with nature grow more every day.

What is SUP Yoga World? SUP Yoga in South America

If you want to know more about what we offer from SUP Yoga World to SUP Yoga centers or practitioners, we recommend you read this post!

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