International SUP YOGA DAY

27/09 international day of SUP YOGA

September 27 is the international day of SUP Yoga. We have created this international day to celebrate together but it is also a celebration in which each person or school celebrates this day in their own way.

This day is dedicated to showing gratitude and awareness of our Yoga practice in natural environments to be grateful and more aware of nature and our relationship with it, how we treat natural environments and how we treat ourselves.

It is a day to connect with all SUP Yoga practitioners around the world and celebrate our Yoga practice in natural environments as unique as the sea, rivers, lakes, swamps… Natural spaces that offer us all the benefits of Yoga and the benefits to practice outdoors, in contact with nature.

We celebrate on this date because the winter season begins in the northern hemisphere and the summer season begins in the southern hemisphere.
In these transitional dates around the world we come together to celebrate our SUP Yogi lifestyle.

international sup yoga day Barcelona

Celebrate international SUP Yoga day with SUP Yoga community

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