About the brand

Haute Boards, Turkey’s first and only Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Rowing Surfing brand, is a company that designs its products to give you the best SUP experience and also thinks about the future with its environmentally friendly structure.
All the elements needed to start and immediately enjoy the world’s fastest growing water sport are here. When you come to Bodrum, be sure to stop by our center and take a look at our boards, which are the strongest in the market, manufactured in Europe.

It’s Time to Stand Up on the Water!

Haute Boards is an innovative Stand Up Paddle (SUP) company that provides high quality, eco-friendly boards that are built to give you the best paddle boarding experience possible.
We have all the accessories you need in the package to start enjoying the world’s fastest growing watersport. HAUTE Boards have one of the most durable construction boards on the market.

HAUTE Boards

HAUTE Centers