Water element

Water is the source of life for us.

Water is the source of life for us. Water is one of the most important elements in the world. It is one of the four classical elements – the others being earth, air, and fire. It is the source of life for all living things.

Water fundamentally symbolizes life, and in most of the myths of the creation of the world, water represents the source of life and divine energy for the fertility of the earth and living beings.

Throughout history, water has been considered by many cultures as one of the most vital factors in life and a source of divine energy. Everything from bathing, fishing, traveling and drinking to worship mystery, and power.

There is still a reverence for the Ganges River in the East. Several water deities are associated with rivers flowing through India, including Ganga, Sarasvati, and Yami; Apam Napat represents fresh water, such as lakes.

The Nile, in Egypt, translates as ‘great water’. It has been the lifeline of Egyptian civilizations since the Stone Age, before the arrival of the pyramid builders we know today.

Life appears to spring up wherever water flows, both within and around the water. Water was also seen as important enough by the Greeks to worship the god Poseidon, whereas Neptune was worshipped by the Romans, who worshipped him as his counterpart.

As part of Chinese Taoist philosophy, water represents intelligence and wisdom, softness and agility, as well as intelligence and wisdom. It is also thought to represent the transitions between life and death, as well as having a more feminine or “yin” energy as well.

the water element
Water is the source of life


Water is the source of life

Water gives life to all living things. It is the source of life for all living things. Water is a key part of life and the natural environment. It is a source of life, and it can be found in all shapes and sizes. Our bodies are composed of around 60% water.

If you lose just 4% of your total body water you can become dehydrated, and if you lose 15% you can become fatally dehydrated. We feel more energized than ever when we are fully hydrated, and we experience less pain and hunger when we are sufficiently hydrated.

Water is essential for the survival of living organisms because it is vital to the reactions taking place inside the cells and body of these organisms. Whenever chemical reactions take place, water acts as a universal solvent and provides a medium for those reactions to be carried out.

There are also many times when substances are transported from one part of the body to the other in the form of dissolved substances. There is no life without water. Water is regarded as a symbol of healing and energy throughout the world by many cultures.

There are many people who travel great distances to take a bath or drink from waters that are imbued with special energy in mountains, wells, and springs. Water is believed by many to be capable of absorbing prayers, cleansing unwanted energy, and conferring good health.

Water is a symbol of divine energy. Water gives life to all living things. It is the source of life for all living things. Water is found in the body of all living beings and is the source of life in the universe. It is often seen as the ultimate source of life and living energy.

Water is everywhere! It’s a natural resource that can be found in lakes, rivers, oceans, and even underground.

Your body is meant to be in nature. When you get into the water and you are submerged in the world, your body remembers what it is meant to be. The water is where you are meant to be. It is your spiritual home.


the water element
Practicing water sports

The benefits of practicing water sports

Watersports can be a great way to increase your awareness of the connection between nature and water. When you are outside and in the water, or the water and the presence of life, you are in touch with nature and the power of life. You can feel the energy that surrounds you.

Watersports help increase your awareness of the connection between nature and water. It is not just a sport, but a lifestyle. When you are outdoors and you are in the water, you are in the presence of life in its natural form. You are in touch with nature and the power of life.

You can feel the energy of the water and how it affects you. When you are in the water in the right state of mind and body, you can connect with the water and feel the power of life.

  • The best thing about water sports is that they work almost every part of your body, helping you burn calories naturally. As a result, you become more energetic and healthy, and your immune system improves your resistance to chronic illnesses.

  • Chronic heart disease and diabetes patients need to make major lifestyle changes to stay healthy. If you engage in water sports or even do some light exercises on the water, you will reduce your stress levels and maintain your relaxed state, which is beneficial to your heart and overall well-being.

  • Water has a natural soothing effect on achy joints because of its fluidity. The use of the affected joints will be made more comfortable through water activities such as snorkeling and swimming without causing an aggravation the symptoms. Rheumatoid arthritis sufferers often prefer hydrotherapy as a treatment.

  • For people who are older and post-menopausal women, working out on a treadmill may not be the best option. Taking part in water sports is one of the best ways to increase bone density and is one of the more popular forms of exercise.

  • There are many benefits that can be gained from participating in water sports, just like any other sport or form of exercise. Additionally, it has a positive effect on the mind. A tranquil environment is conducive to reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. The benefits of swimming have been proven to be beneficial to both men and women.

    the water element
    Meditation Sup Yoga

SUP Yoga practice in water environments

The practice of SUP Yoga in water environments makes it something more powerful, the connection with water makes us better connect with our inner calm and at the same time with our emotions.

Through the movement that comes from practicing on the water and the movement that it generates in our bodies, we reach a state of relaxation through the movement of the body, which is the primary movement that emits calm deeply.

It is for this reason that the savasana in the practice of SUP Yoga becomes an extremely relaxing and pleasant asana, letting ourselves be carried away and balanced by the water that connects us with everything in a magical way.

The connection with water becomes deep during the practice of SUP Yoga, that is why every year we celebrate SUP Yoga Day to thank the water element for everything it brings us in every area of ​​our lives and our SUP Yoga practice.

Practice Yoga on the water with our SUP Yoga lessons. Find out how to practice yoga at your local water community.

the water element
Sup Yoga class

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