About the brand

Star-Fish It was one of the first brands created in Latin America, and the first in its country in 2011, Montevideo.
It is a revolutionary, daring, sociable and environmentally friendly brand.
It is revolutionary because beyond designing products for the target audience with totally unique and exclusive designs, we motivate our fans to go further.

It is daring for its unique designs that seek the perfect combination of style and performance.

It is a brand that seeks to generate a connection with its fans and riders, listening to their opinions to incorporate them into the development of the products.

It is Sociable since from our place we always seek to contribute to the community with knowledge, clinics and group trips.

It is environmental because as a company we seek to take care of the environment in various ways. Star Fish supports several organizations, including the non-profit organization “Rios Limpios” that cleans rivers and seas, for which we donate 7 dollars for each ISUP sold from the Clean river model.