Essential equipment to practice SUP YOGA

The basic material you need to go to do a SUP Yoga practice.

Every time you engage in an activity, you will require the necessary equipment and accessories. Today we talk about the basic material you need to practice SUP Yoga. 

  1. Board 
  2. SUP Paddle 
  3. Leash 
  4. Waterproof Bags
  5. PDF
  6. Emergency whistle
  7. Tethers and Anchors
  8. Sunscreen
  9. Water 
  10. Phone case 
  11. Appropriate clothing 


Next, we will explore some of these things in detail to understand why we need these things when practicing SUP Yoga.

Essential Things You Need for SUP Yoga

  1. Board for SUP Yoga practice

    Even though there are a small number of boards designed specifically for SUP yoga, almost any board that has a flat deck and is wide enough to provide sufficient stability can be used for SUP yoga. 

    You will be able to maintain your poses better if your board has a soft padded deck that extends both to the tail and nose of the board, which will make it more comfortable for your feet. In this way, it will be easier to hold poses for a longer period. 

    If you don’t have a SUP Yoga board you can use a Paddle Surf board. We recommend that it always be inflatable to have more stability and how much more surface with Pad better.

    If you want to know more about SUP boards for a SUP Yoga practice read this post about all details: How to choose your SUP Yoga board


    Boards for SUP YOGA practice
    Boards for SUP YOGA practice



  2. SUP Paddle for SUP Yoga practice

    Any SUP Paddle that is comfortable for you. Of course, if you’re going paddleboarding, you’re also going to need some paddles! Choosing a SUP paddle that is adjustable is a good idea, but you will be able to do SUP yoga with any paddle. 

    It is mostly going to come in handy when you are paddling out to your spot and returning to the shore. 

    The paddle that you will be using during your yoga practice should be strapped to the side of the board or tethered to a leash so that it will not drift away while you are doing yoga.


  3. Leash for SUP Yoga practice:

    Always use the leash because it is our life insurance when we row to the place where we will do the class and it helps us later to tie the oar during practice. The leash is usually sold separately from the SUP itself. 

    It is used to tether your SUP to you in case you fall off the board. For SUP yoga, you will need to keep your leash on your leg while you paddle out from shore, and then you will need to take it off once you have anchored your board. 

    If you do not anchor your board, you should hold on to the leash so that your board will not escape if you fall off it.


  4. Waterproof Bags for SUP Yoga practice:

    A comfortable waterproof bag that is waterproof is a perfect complement to take all your things to the water: mobile, cream, water… If you are going paddleboarding, it is a great idea to have a waterproof bag with you. 

    A waterproof bag will help keep your clothes from getting wet while you’re on the water. This is especially true if you’re a yogi who always keeps extra sets of clothes on hand or wears layers. It will help keep your clothes from getting wet while you’re on the water. 

    When you have a waterproof bag with you on the water, you also have the option of keeping your phone or car keys in a safe, dry place in case of an emergency. 


    Waterproof bag for SUP YOGA practice
    Waterproof bag for SUP YOGA practice


  5. PDF (Personal Flotation Device)

    I would erase the floatation device and put it on the vest and add that it is not mandatory in all countries, and review the law in each country. The laws can vary quite a bit from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, as well as from a body of water to a body of water. 

    For example, there are some areas that do not require you to wear a PFD when you are not using a motorized craft. 

    However, others may require a PFD at all times you are on the water. In addition, children and adults are often subjected to different rules depending on their age. Make sure you check before you get on the water.


  6. Emergency whistle

    Make sure you have a whistle or any other noisemaker with you when you go out on the water. It is common practice to blow your whistle when there is an emergency or if you require assistance. 

    In general, paddlers and yoga practitioners keep their whistles attached to their PFDs since whistles are small and they are easy to lose. If you follow this habit, you will always be able to remember both items when you are on the water.


  7. Tethers and Anchors for SUP Yoga practice

    You may experience paddleboard drifting as a result of wind and currents. You should attach an anchor and tether to your board to ensure that it remains in the location you have selected. 

    An anchor that is suitable for kayaks or paddleboards will work well. It is also possible to attach a tether to your paddle to make sure it stays within reach of your arm. 

    A SUP yoga anchor is not necessary, but you may find that floating in one spot rather than drifting around is more relaxing.  


  8. Sunscreen

    Don’t forget to protect your skin even if it’s summer! And as we talked about in the last post, appropriate clothing according to the season of the year is the last essential for your SUP Yoga practice. 

    When you use sunscreen, you will be able to prevent skin cancer, painful sunburns, and premature aging of your skin. 

    The importance of using sun protection is never understated as harmful ultraviolet light is present throughout the year, not just during the summer, and penetrates clouds even during rain.


  9. Water 

    It never hurts if you are going to spend long hours in the water and especially if it is summer to bring water to hydrate. In the summer, the body evaporates a lot. So. you need to take water with you to stay hydrated. 

    Dehydration can alter the normal functioning of the brain, and you would not be able to maintain your balance. So, make sure you keep the water bottle with you. 


    Waterproof bag for SUP YOGA practice
    Water for SUP YOGA practice



  10. Phone case

    If you don’t go very far, it may not be essential, but whenever you go out alone it is advisable to carry a phone in case anything happens to you so that you can communicate. That is why a good phone case is important, 

    We recommend these that have this type of closure, they are comfortable to open and close even with wet hands and if there is sand they close well, however those of this zip system usually more difficult to close well when you are in the water and if there is sand the closure is not perfect and water can enter.


  11. Appropriate clothing for SUP Yoga practice

    And as we talked about in the last post, appropriate clothing according to the season of the year is the last essential for your SUP Yoga practice. The purpose of wearing wetsuits is to protect oneself from the elements, including the sun, cold temperatures, waves, and marine life. 

    The wetsuits used by surfers can also keep them afloat when they fall off their boards, and the wetsuits can also assist in keeping surfers safe as much as possible while they are in the water. 

    Lycra is a fundamental part of your water sports equipment and should not be forgotten in the summer season. It provides protection when it fits perfectly to your body. It is true that this is one of the most popular surfing outfits that are used around the world during the summer season and in warm countries. 

    The Lycra material is one of the best materials to protect your skin from UV radiation, and skin abrasions and to prevent hyperthermia (heat exhaustion). 

    Wetsuits made of neoprene provide a lot of comfort to the wearer, preventing cold water from coming in contact with their skin. In addition, they prevent them from losing their body heat to the water around them. 

    Even in cold weather, the heat wave will be returned to your body, which in turn will allow you to stay as warm as possible.

    Essential equipment to practice SUP YOGA
    Essential equipment to practice SUP YOGA


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